Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm a Flying Bee!

So today I went to the GameStop somewhat near where I live. What did I do there? I sold Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge (that game sucked), I looked around for a while and then...PLAYED SUPER MARIO GALAXY!

The game is very sweet and awesome. I got to play through the Good Egg Galaxy and the Honeybee Galaxy. Mostly, the Honeybee Galaxy and I played as Bee Mario a lot. The game is very fun and there doesn't seem to be anything bad with it.

Bee Mario is very fun. You hold the A button to start flying around but you can't fly around forever. You can only fly around for about five seconds, and after that you'll have to go back to the ground. It was very fun being Bee Mario.

I explored a bunch of small planets in the Good Egg Galaxy, and then finally got launched to a star shaped planet, except its center is a star-shaped hole-a big one. And right in the middle of the whole is a star. Mario has to go around the small star-shaped planet, collecting star pieces to make a blue star thing that sends Mario flying to the star that opens a new galaxy called the Honeybee Galaxy. Then Mario takes off his hat and releases a pink star with eyes from his head. Weird.

So then, I go to the Honeybee Galaxy, get to talk to some Bee Guards, see the Queen Bee up ahead and then get the Bee Mushroom which transforms me into Bee Mario. I fly off to visit the Queen Bee. After going through various planets that is.

I finally got to meet Queen Bee and got to scrath her body and find Star Pieces all over her body as Bee Mario. It looked awkward. After scratching her body, I got launched to another planet where I found a star and three different colored Toads that look as if they're going to be major characters in the game.

I talk to the Toads and learn that Luigi is missing. Well I'm guessing this means I have to search for him right? I grab the star, but then realize that I've spent a little too much time playing the game. So I put the controller down and leave.

Seems like this game may be "Game of the Year". It may even be better than Ocarina of Time!

EDIT: Fixed spelling mistakes.


luke156 said...

sounds good, I can't wait for Galaxy to come out.

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