Saturday, November 17, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy: The End

Yes, I beat Super Mario Galaxy in one week. This game felt very short and not much effort was put into it. Come on, they worked on this game for over a year and this game only takes a week to finish?

Also, to get to the final boss you need 60 stars. Thats not a high number. At least in Super Mario 64 you needed 70 stars but only 60? My only problem with this game is that its so short. Everything else was fine.

Cut-scenes in the game were great (specially the ending), the story that Princess Rosalina reads you in the library is just something that can even make a boy cry, most of the music in the game is great and this game really feels like the sequel to Super Mario 64. Oh and Luigi helps you throughout the game as well.

However, just like in Mario Sunshine, the final boss was a bit too easy. I didn't die ONCE in the Mario Galaxy fight. I beat the final boss in my first try. They didn't work on the final boss to much-he was too easy.

But still, even if you beat the game you can still keep playing. There's 59 more stars to find after beating the game, and there is also some other...secrets. Even though the game is short, its still worth checking out.


Luke(coolmariomedia) said...

hey, theres 59 more stars to collect, but you are right, I beat the final boss in one try...but I had a lot of fun even though it was short.

Anonymous said...

You got half the stars. It stands to reason you only beat half the game. You're missing out on a lot.

Anonymous said...

it is a lot hard to get the other stars but after you do you can play as mario's brother.

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