Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kerog-Banned: Saying names of characters COMPLETLY wrong!

Issue 2 is about saying names of characters very different from what the real name
is. Kerog anyone? I know this should have been Issue 1


As if this post at Waluigious (which is a way better bog than mine) didn't have enough information of Kerog I'm going to talk about him a bit.

Kerog was the name that Mr. Michael Teitelbaum gave Bowser. Michael is definatly not a Mario fan. He didn't care ONE LITTLE BIT about getting the names of characters right. Princess Toadstool? Sorry Michael but her name changed a few years ago back in 1996...we're in 2000 now (the book was made in 2000). Kerog? Where did you get that one?

Scholastic was so angry with Michael that they fired him right away but still put the book on stores anyway (ok, so I do not know if they fired him or not but I'm just guessing!). They figured they would still make some money. Then Scholastic, later, made a sequel which was way cooler. OMAGOSH! They got Kerog's name right! Bowser! Yes, it says BOWSER! Oh and this book wasn't made by Michael Teitelbaum it was made by Ron Zalme. Go Ron!

So anyway DON'T say Bowser is named Kerog EVER. Yes you, in front of the computer. But before you say Whatever and turn away, I have to tell you something else. Call the Koopalings (Bowser's seven original kids) by their proper name!

The Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World cartoons called them totally weird names. Big Mouth...? Bully!? Kootie Pie!!?? Hip...and HOP!?!? Man were those weird names. Don't you GO AROUND SAYING THEIR NAMES WRONG!

And that is all. Don't call anything by its wrong name. Oh and please don't call Bowser "Koopa". Only do that if you're in Japan.


Luke(coolmariomedia) said...

ok. thanks for the heads up on these names!

Superluigi821 said...

You're welcome! "Kerog-Banned: Helping you, on your way to become a real Mario fan!"

Emster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anim8ed317 said...

I have the book and i was wondering about this. so...was bowser's name ever "kerog" anywhere or did this guy just make it up?

Anonymous said...

Bowser's name is now Kerog. I will always refer to him as Kerog. In fact, I will tell all my friends that his name is now Kerog. It will spread across the internet like a wild fire.

I may even take a scan of the page from that book and press it on a shirt to wear around, and let everyone know that Bowser is now Kerog.


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